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How to add satellite systems with RZ20 ?

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I have installed CCMS agent and using Solution Manager as CEN, I have also established the RFC connection with the satellite SAP systems,

How do I monitor other SAP systems by RZ20 or how to add satellite systems with RZ20? What is the configuration and steps requirement?

Please help

Al Mamun

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Go to RZ21

Menu Technical Infrastructure --> Configure Central System --> Assign Central Autoreaction.

In the next screen you will have, System ID (You should be able to see your satellite systems, if you have successfully installed CCMS Agents), MTE Class and Autoreaction.

Select these three and click on Assign Central Auto-Reaction (F7).

Once this is Completed, you will be able to receive alerts from satellite systems.

feel free to revert back.


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Thanks Ragu for your reply, I got upto there.

How do have more information on autoreaction and MTE Class ? Is there any documentation there?

Best Regards,

Al Mamun

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Hi Al Mamun,

Good day.

Would just like to ask if you have already successfully completed your configuration of central-auto reaction in your CEN (solution manager). If yes, could you tell us how did you configure it? Is there any configuration needs to be done in the satellite system aside from the CCMS agent configuration and there RFCs? Any jobs to be activated both in satellite and CEN?

Appreciate your assistance. Thanks

Best Regards,