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How to add Field & load in standard DS

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Hi Experts,

How to add field & load the historical data to that field without any disturbance.

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Answers (2)

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Hi ,

Please try the following :

1. Copy your Originnal ODS 1 to a new ODS 2 .Create Transformation and DTP between the same .Trabsfer the data from old one to new one .

2. Connect your new ODS to the below and updward flow so that your delta gets updated regularly and your Report contains upto date data .Make necessary chnages in the process chain .

3. Now You need to remodel your OLD ODS to add the desired field ..

4. Now again you need to create the Transformation between the new ODS 2 (as source ) and old ODS (as Target) .With the help of the DTP transfer the data back into it .

5. Connect your OLD ODS to the flow by making the necessary chnages in the Process chain .

5. Now your trabsformation would get deactivated because the newly added field is not added in it .That you need to transport from the development box with the newly added field .Now the newly added field would be getting the delta on daily basis .

6. Also the newly added field still doesn't contain the historical data . You have to bring that by filling the setup and doing the repair full .Considering your first level ODS as an overwrite one .

Hope it helps .


Kamal Mehta

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There is a concept called Remodelling for DSO if u are using latest version of software.and if u want to add the new fields to the DSO which has data in it then u can add it the data will not be disturbed the data will be disturbed only if u r deleting the fields or replacing the fields.there is another method to add the fields that is create another DSO and add the required fields into that DSO and create the multiprovider on the top of the 2 DSO. and create the report on the top of the multiprovider.

I hope u got it,

Plz revert back in case of any query.



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