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How to add custom icons for Cluster in sapui5 GeoMap?

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Hi All,

I am working in a Custom SAPUI5 application with SAPUI5 GeoMap control. I plotted the Spots based on the Collection. I used custom icons(images) for the different Spot Collection. For sap.ui.vbm.Spot, it has Image property to add custom icons.

As a next step,I applied clustering for the Spot Collection. I want to apply my custom icon for the Cluster. When i checked in the Documentation i dont see image property for Cluster.But in the Fiori Design guidelines it is mentioned that we can add our custom icon.

When i looked into the documentation i can see only the icon property not image property. So how do i apply my own custom icon for that?

Thank you,



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I would be grateful if you could share with us your solution, how to use clusters, if you could achieve your goal.

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