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How to add Create Git-enabled change link in custom Business Role?

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In the custom Business Role ZSOLMANPRO, there is no SMGH offered under Normal Changes. 

After some investigation , it appears it is necessary to create SMGH from link "Create Git-enabled Change".

How do we add the link "Create Git-enabled Change" to our Change Request Management section of the custom Business Role?

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  1. Go to SPRO activity:

    > Customer Relationship Management 
     > UI Framework 
      > Technical Role Definition 
       > Business Roles 
        > Define Business Role 

     2. In the Business Role list , select ZSOLMANPRO

     3. Go to node Adjust Work Center Group Link

     4. Add an entry with the following values:

      Work Center: SM-CHANGE

      Group ID: SM-CM-CR

      LogLink ID: SM-GH-CR


For reference, you may also check SAP KBA 2938240 - How to change the options available to users in the SM_CRM navigation window.


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