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How to add a system into Solution Manager directory.

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Can anybody tell me how to add a system into Solution Manager directory before generating license key for ECC installation .


How to connect the XI in same box with SolMan and ECC in defferent server to SolMan 3.2 .

I am going to install SolMan and than XI in and box and after that ECC in a seperate box.

AM I right?


Pratip Bhattacharyya

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Pratip Bhattacharyya,

to add a new not yet existing system you might call transaction SMSY -> Landscape components -> SAP ECC -> context menu with right mouse button -> create new system | create new system with assistant.

You can flag the components of the new system (SAP ECC Server) on the tab-page "Header Data" to "Temporarily inactive system".

Sorry, but I didn't understand the rest of you question.


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Thanks Riccardo,

It will help me a lot.

But let me add some more question to this.

I am freashly installing Solution manager 3.2 is a Windows 2003 Ent. Server. At the time of DB Inst. installation it asked for SLD Gateway Host name. I was confeuues. I click on NO SLD.

Now my question is :

1) I have to get key from SOLMAN for ECC installationas I told earlier.

2) I have to install XI in the same Server and ECC 5.0 in a defferent Server.

Now as I have not provided SLD Gatwway Host for SolMan is it going to hamper XI and ECC installation . If yes, what is the solution ?

Thanks and regards,


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Hi Bratip Bhattacharyya,

SolMan 3.2 needs SLD only for automatic data gathering of the sap landscape; you can choose between SLD and LIS in transaction SMSY_SETUP (which simply uses the TMS-domain controllers for information gathering).

XI needs SLD, but XI needs also a netweaver04 (s) system (Abap WAS 6.40). SolMan 3.2 isn't a netweaver04 system (Abap WAS 6.20). So you have to install XI as an own central instance (Abap + Java) on the same windows server, if you like. In this case you have to install for XI an own SLD. Different SLDs can create bridges between themselves. Please look at the SLD configuration guide (quicklink /netweaver -> installation guides).

But don't ask me how to install two sap systems on one server on windows (on Linux it's easy I have done so); basically it will have an own SID and own "service" numbers (which means own tcp port numbers).

If you can't dedicate to XI an own server, it's only a question of hardware sizing. For the different combinations of netweaver components you should study the master guide for netweawer.


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