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How to add a (new) Predefined Property in Search

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Hello All,

I have created new Predefined Properties called as ReqNo and it holds an integer value.

I wanted to know how can I make this field available in the Search Functionality?

There is an option in Search wherein one may search using Predefined Properties like Size, Created, Created By, Name, Modified and Modified By.

I would like my new property to be listed under this section.

I have read few help pages but they explain how can I change the orientation or narrow the different Search Options but now what I want.

Please help me solve this query.

Awaiting Reply.

Thanks and Warm Regards,


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Answers (3)

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Hi Ritu,

Make sure you read this: a search component for km search iview.article


Darin Krasle

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Hi Ritu,

It's not difficult once you know how.

1) Go to: System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management -> User Interface -> Search -> Search Option Set

2) Edit UISearch

3) Select your custom property from the list beside the option 'Allowed Predefined Properties' and hit save.

On 'Advanced Search' your property should now be listed under 'Filter by Predefined Properties'.

You may also add it to 'Allowed Sort Properties' if you like.

I hope this helps,


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Hi Ritu,

You can add the Predefined properties in the SearchOptions Set of the Search Component.

If you are using the default search component you have to change the UISearch option set.

You can find it under

System Administration->Syste Configuration->User Interface->

You will have two options - Commands & Settings

Select Mode = Advacned

You will get more options now

Select Search->Search Options Set -> UISearch

here you will all the properties that comes up in the search screen.

There is a property called "Allowed Predefined Properties" Add your properties to the existing list.