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How to add a job server or service group in BODS ?

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Hi Expert,


When I tried to execute a job, it reported: The job server you selected is not working. So I try to add a new job server. 

Question:  Where and how can I add job server?

1, I didn't find  Data server Manager, 

2, I tried to added in Management Console, I did't figure out how to do.

Could you give some directions, many thanks!


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Hi Simon, can you navigate to %LINK_DIR%/bin and run AWServerConfig.exe? It should be the same as running DS Server Manager. Then:

  1. Go to the Job Server tab
  2. Configuration Editor
  3. Add
  4. Enter  a job server name
  5. Enter a unique & unused port
  6. Click Add under Associated Repositories
  7. Enter all the repo connection details
  8. Click apply
  9. Hit OK until you are prompted to Close and Restart.


Jeff Kresse

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Hope you are doing well!!

Please refer SAP Note

1623876 - How to add a Job Server - Data Services

Why is there a need to add a job server under a Job Server group?

If you have enough hardware resource on the job server then there is no need to create a Job server group.

You can refer below SAP Note

1623900 - Can Server Groups have multiple Job Servers per server - Data Services

1772154 - Where to find information about Server Groups - Data Services 4.x


Arun Sasi

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A typical DS Job Server is not really doing much. It sits there waiting for a job to start. When there is one, it reads the job definition from the repository, spawns the al_engine processes that will run the actual code and... goes to sleep again.

There's only a need for multiple (2!) job servers when

  1. SAP Information Steward is running on the same box
  2. you've got a mix of complex batch jobs that take a while to get their definition read out and near-real-time jobs that require immediate attention
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Superb explanation Dirk!! Only you can give such a detailed information


Arun Sasi

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First, we need to differentiate those two terms. Job Server is a single server. Job Server Group has two or more job servers associated with the same repository.

If job server doesn't work, one should check why, rather than adding another one. Maybe it just needs to be started.

The tool for JS configuration is called SAP Data Services Server Manager. It could be found on JS machine. In case it is Linux you need $LINK_DIR/bin/svrcfg; On Windows you would find it under SAP Data Services program group, also under Windows Services.

Thank you,