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How to Acess j2ee-dm0 properties page for Active directory configuration...

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hi all,

>i am inplementing SPnego authentication scheme on my portal .

>i have done deployemt of .ear files .

and through with deploy and start page on Visual administrator.

>now i want to make Active directory configuration .

>forthat i need j2ee-dm0 properties page.

on which following settings has to be done.

>>"user cannot change password ".

>>"password never expires".

>>"Use DES encription types for this account".

Does any body know that how can i acess j2ee-dm0 properties page.?

to make above settings.

any help would be highly Appretiated!!!

thanks and regards.

vinit soni.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI Vinit Soni,

Try right click on My Computer icon on your desktop;

- click on "Manage"

- expand the tree structure of Local Users and Groups

- click on User

- here you will see you service user called "j2ee-dm0" if you have created it before

- then you can right click on it, and you will see propertires

If you haven't created a service user called "j2ee-dm0, you won't see it.

I hope this helps.



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