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how to access one DC from another DC

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I have create a seperate DC for Model. I declared the model as public part. Also I have grant the access to the main DC, Could you please tell me how to proceed further?.

How can I access this Model DC from my project DC?.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sunitha,

To create a usage dependency for a DC, proceed as follows:

1. In the project structure of the DC used, expand the subnode DC MetaData.

2. Open the context menu for Used DCs and choose Add Used DC.

Since all the changes so far have not yet been assigned to any DTR activity, the Select Activity dialog box appears now.

3. Now assign an activity.

The Used Help: Used DCs display frame appears.

4. Expand the tree for the relevant software component and then choose the public part for the required DC.

5. Enter the time when the dependency you are going to define is to be valid.

6. Choose Finish.

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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HI Sunita,

Create a public part in DC for model .

For this,right click public parts->New public part(Provides An API...).

There Select Model(Tick the model check box only from the tree and as Source Checkbox from right side) and java package tree(Tick the root check box and as Source& Class Checkbox in right side) .

Then build the project.

After this, this model dc will be available to other DCs.

In second DC project, Used DCs->Add Used DC, select the public part created from the ModelDC project, so that it will be available in second project.

Now u can add the model from model DC in used Models of second project, so that the model will be available for the component in the project


Fahad Hamsa

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Hi sunitha

<b>Model DC</b>

1) In the model dc

Component controller

Create a rfc execution method

//@@begin javadoc:CallRfc()

/** Declared method. */


public void CallRfc( java.lang.String rfcinput )


//@@begin CallRfc()

//Rfc execution steps



2) component interface controller

Add the usage of component controller of model dc component

create a method in interface controller for calling the method CallRfc in component controller

//@@begin javadoc:Interfa_ctl_mthd()

/** Declared method. */


public void Interfa_ctl_mthd( java.lang.String rfcimport )


//@@begin Interfa_ctl_mthd()




3) Open the DC Metadata>Public Part>New public part

Give a name and Select the API and in the Select Entity type, select the web dynpro component and in the select entity which is at the bottom of select entity select the modeldc/component (Ie component inside the web dynpro component)

4) Build and deploy the model dc

<b>Project DC</b>

1) Expand the DC metedata > used DC >right click and select add used dc and select the model dc and select the build type in dependency tab

2) Expand the web dynpro component structure and Select the Used web dynpro component and right click and select used webdynpro component and browse the component and give a name ie RFCComp

3)In the view of project dc define the usage of the component RFCComp

In any action of button , call the RFC comp like this

//@@begin javadoc:onActionGo(ServerEvent)

/** Declared validating event handler. */


public void onActionGo( wdEvent )


//@@begin onActionGo(ServerEvent)




Hope this helps,



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Hi Sunita,

Please refer to this link:


Ashwani Kr Sharma