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How to access Odata service from Datasphere in ECC ?

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We are trying to access an Odata service URL from Datasphere in ECC, but it asks for authentication. How can we authenticated the DWC Odata link and access data in ABAP program. We are able to access the usual Northwind open service URL ($format=json ) and read the data, but when we change it to our URL, we have to provide authentication, where we are stuck at. If this can be solved by creating an RFC or any other kind of authentication.

Sample Odata serviceURL : https://****************

Any help is much appreciated. 

SAP Datasphere ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP OData NW ABAP Gateway (OData).


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Hi @EshwarReddy,

The authentication of SAP Datasphere OData API is through  OAuth. You need to configure and add OAuth client inSAP Datasphere Check SAP Datasphere OData API and Consume Data via the OData API



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We have configured OAuth in Datasphere, but the challenge is how we can access this in BW system. Couldn't find any documentation as well regarding the same.