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How the Sapstartsrv port is not occupied by the other application

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Could you tell me the way that Sapstartsrv port(5xx13/5xx14) is not occupied with other process?


My production environment usually SAP instance stop and start every day.

But one day SAP instance start failed with following message.

"Webservice thread started, listening on port 5xx13 soap_bind failed, Webservice thread enters retry loop"

According to the support, this symptom is the same with Note2208264(Sapstartsrv - Soap_bind failed).

<About the measure>

Support said "You search occupied process and please kill it" But I think this is not profitable.

Because occupied process maybe be temporary.

So, I assume I can't specify the application. Also, I don't want to apply Note1399935(Reservation of TCP/IP port in Windows) if possible.

Because my system is production environment and I think It may be cause other error if I apply it.


I want to deal with it as simply as possible with this symptom.

If you have any resolve except for above sentence, please tell me your information.

<System Information>

ERP 6.0(ABAP only) no EHP

Thanks in advance.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

It could be that there were some sapstream files in the /tmp file system which were not removed? In any case, how did you fix this issue? Just curious to know.