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How the Portal roles are linked to LDAP groups?

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Hi! All,

Roles are stored in portal and Groups are stored in LDAP,so where the mapping between roles and groups are stored?Is this any database table?I mean to say how the groups and roles are related in Portal?



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Answers (2)

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First you will have to integrate the LDAP with portal through Sys Admin > Sys Config > UME Config > LDAP Server. Once this is done, while creating a role through User Admin > Identity Management you can assign the LDAP group to the particular role.


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Hi Mithileshwar,

When you create a role within the PCD, at the same time a role object within the UME is created. Even these tqo objects are somewhat similar, technically they are totally different (the PCD role is a portal object, whereas the UME role is an object within the UME, of course).

Within the UME, you can assign roles to (LDAP) groups. The portal checks for a user to which (UME) roles they belong to, directly or indirectly assigned via groups (or groups in groups). Then the corresponding PCD roles are determined, and by that, the content which is offered via the navigation within the portal can be calculated.

Hope it helps to understand this