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How my Direct Update DSO is getting loaded?

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Hi experts,

I have few direct update DSO's developed by someone else. I just wanted to know how these direct update DSO's are getting loaded. I have serached SCN, there some answers which are not satisfactory.

1) When a direct DSO is laoded via APD, do we have any straight way to find the relevant APD name, if so , what is that?

       (My understanding is , we can search in T code RSANWB with DSO tech name)

2) What is other way loading Direct DSO, if its are API's, how to find those API's? and what these API do and how they work

3) else if a programme is loading , then how to find the programme name. (My understanding is, take active table from direct DSO and look for where used list,)

please share your valuable inputs, just wanted to clear some air around Direct DSO's.

Thank You in advance


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To find answers for the 2th and 3d questions you can do next steps:

1. In the transaction SE37 use one of the API FMs (full list APIs are below).

●  RSDRI_ODSO_INSERT: Inserts new data (with keys not yet in the system). 

●  RSDRI_ODSO_INSERT_RFC: see above, can be called up remotely 

●  RSDRI_ODSO_MODIFY:  inserts data having new keys; for data with keys already in the system, the data is changed.

●  RSDRI_ODSO_MODIFY_RFC: see above, can be called up remotely

●  RSDRI_ODSO_UPDATE: changes data with keys in the system

●  RSDRI_ODSO_UPDATE_RFC: see above, can be called up remotely

●  RSDRI_ODSO_DELETE_RFC: deletes data

2. Choose the menu Utilities/Where-used list and select some types of object. Usually programs and classes is enough.

3. A list of programms will appear. So select them all (F9) and expand (Shift+F4). Now you can see all parts of the programs where API was called.

4. Now just find (Ctrl+F3) the DSO name you need.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each API FM while will not find your DSO.

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Hi Hari,

you are understanding is correct

Direct update DSo can be loaded using APD,API,or ABAP program.

If you want to find from which APD its getting loaded

1)got ot se16 -> RSANT_PROCESSI

provide your DSo name it will return APD name then got to TCODE RSANWB find perticular APD.

2)Program and API you need to search tables currently I am not sure.

hope it will help.


Ganesh Bothe

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if you find the APD technical name you will get all the information what you asked.

APD developed according the their business requiremtns.

if have written the abap program please check any vlaue hot coded the check data loading status in the DSO.

program name you can find the SE38.



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Hi Phani, Thanks for the reply.

If the Direct DSO is loaded from APD, i can find the relevant information.

What are the other processess a direct Update DSO can be loaded?

I have small idea about API's that can be used for loading Direct DSO, i wanted to know how these API's works, and how to find those API's for a direct DSO?

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hi Hari,

can can you go into the manage screen to view the data loading events?

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Hi Simon

I could not get exactly what events you are saying, however i am talking about direct update DSO

What events a direct update DSO can get into? and where?

Thank you