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How my clients are connected? Used plain text or encrypted passwords?

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We know that ASE supports encrypted password transmission over the network from clients.

Is there any way to know within the server how my clients transmitted the password during logon? Did they transmitted the plain password or encrypted password?

Before changing the configuration value to 1 for net password encryption required I want to make sure that all current clients are connecting with encrypted password.


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This option is not useful as auditing is not enabled on our servers.

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Answers (2)

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ProActive DBA Database Auditor has a report that identifies if the login was made using an encrypted password (or not). It also identifies the specific client library used, TCP/IP and port number of the source connection, etc.  The data is obtained non-intrusively and doesn't require using any DBCC commands or the MDA tables.

Please visit this site for more information:


David L. Cherin

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Please see my blog entry

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Hi Bret,

Thanks for your details.

I have looked at your blog. But unfortunately we cannot run these commands in production environmnet as these are not supported/ documented. Additionally only DBA can run them but not normal users.

Is there any flag/ bit with system tables like sysprocess and all users can access?