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how many records u will find in infocube

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Hi all, i am very new to bw i have one dought like suppose if my infocube contains 1,00,000 records,suppose i got another field to add to infocube , i added that field, and from my r/3 systems 2000 records are updated every days after 3days what could be the ststus my 100000 record which r in cube,,

thanks in advance

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If your new field is a characteristic, the number of additional rows depends on your data model. In the fact table each row represents a singular combination of dimension keys with aggregated key figures per row. Each dimension can be a single characteristic or a combination of characteristics.

So, if your new field can have a lot of different values you will create a lot more entries in your fact table, if it has a n:m relation to other characteristics.

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hi malli!!

there are two scenario's here.

If the added field is a characteristic:

The 1,00,000 records will stay untouched.

The new characteristic will contain value in the newly added records .

If the field is a key figure:

All the above 1,00,000 records will be replaced with 0 in the added keyfigure column.

The new records will contain the proper values for that keyfigure.

plz correct if wrong!

hope this helps!!


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In a cube, records are aggregated. So if a set of records have 10 fields, but the cube has only 5 of those fields, there will be only one record in the fact table for every unique combination of values of those 5 fields (with the key-figure values added up).

If you have added a new field, if it is a characteristic, your 100000 records will not be touched because if there is a value in that characteristic, it will form seperate records in the cube. If it is a key-figure, maybe the new records will add up the values for that keyfigure in some of the existing records.