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How many instances of the CR Runtime can i have?

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One of my customers has been using Crystal Reports for well over ten years. They currently have a .Net windows service that runs reports and emails the output as a PDF to their clients.

This has worked successfully for many years and currently they are running CR XI.

The number of reports/clients has increased lately and they can no longer produced all the reports in the required timescales.

Therefore they would like to start a second .Net windows service to take on some of the workload. Both services would run during the evening, producing the PDF's and then emailing them.

However my question is whether it is possible to run two reports simultaneously on the same machine. Is the .Net runtime capable of handling this?

We intend to upgrade to CR 2008.

Many thanks

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Richard

As far as I know, you could have as many instances of your programm/service as you want.

There is a 75 Job limit in the CR Engine:

Look at thread [] for more information.

Remember to close and Dispose the reportdocument after printing / generating the pdf .


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