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How LIS works

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Can any body please explain how LIS transfer works. If Possible ,provide me with some SAP documentation on how LIS transfer works and various update methodology

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Hi ,

This is the Internal working concept in LIS .

S001 - S500 => SAP Defined name range

S500 - S999 => Customer name range

We use LBW0 to

Setup LIS Environment

Generate Data Source

Activate Delta update

<b>Background Architecture</b>

In LBW0 , When you give Info Structure name and , Setup LIS Environment

2 Tables , 1 structure is generated .

<b>Tables :</b>

      • is your infostructure name )



For First Delta => S***BIW1 is loaded

For Second Delta => S***BIW2 is loaded ... This continues alternatively.

If one of the table is used for loading delta , The other table will be in updation

process to give delta data in next delta load.

<b>TMCBIW</b> => Table which holds the status ,Field biwstatus has the table info.

biwstatus = 1 => S***BIW1

biwstatus = 2 => S***BIW2

<i>The flag will automatically between 1 , 2 on each delta update ..</i>

These 2 tables are used in Delta Handling .



Renjith Kumar

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Can u please explain the terms Field Catalog and LIS Communication Structure and LIS Information Structure and if any relation between them....

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When you create information structure and execute 'set up lis environment'

one structure and two tables will be created..these two tables will be used for your delta loads..

When one table is supplying data to BW..another table will get filled with the new entries..and again it changes after completion of load..

second table gives data and first table gets this these are maintained by CDM(central delta mechanism)..

Total you will have 3 tables:one lis table to give full load data and

2 tables which gives delta data..

Hope it helps



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Hi Amit,

Go through the belo blog: [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]




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Thanks a lot samara,

can u please explain data flow in LIS methodology...i mean to say how and what gets filled and when during course of transfer from r/3 to BW.