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How I installed Mini Web AS 6.20 ABAP Engine

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Hello all

These are the main steps I did to have a MiniWAS 6.20 running with Support Package 29 and a possibility to send mails from the MiniWAS ? on Windows XP Professional:


1) Read installation notes from CD

2) Install MiniWAS 6.20 (10 minutes)

3) Install the frontend (10 minutes)

4) Test that the system works. I noted that I have a temporary license valid for 12. December 2003 - that's less than one month! ? But of course it is extendable.


1) Read documentation from the CD ?Setting up transport system?. When you unpack the 2 files are extracted to a folder called TP. These files must be moved to the WAS directory (c:MiniWAS).

2) Download and install Sun Java runtime environment 1.4.2 (link found at

3) Download and install SAP Download manager (found at

4) Download and install SAP kernel (found at

5) Create subdirectories EPSin  under C:MiniWAS rans

6) Share c:MiniWAS as sapmnt.  Make sure to grant read/write/browse rights

7) Test by doing Start->Run->

mailsapmnt ransEPSin  - If a browser opens up its ok. If you get an error message your share doesn?t work.

😎 Download and install latest SPAM version (version 14). You may want to read the OSS note suggested in SPAM but I had no problems.

9) Before importing the support packages Read OSS note 447925. Note that SAPKB62026 must be imported separately.

10) I split the import into these queues:

     a) SAPKB62025 (20 minutes)

         A few warnings

     b) SAPKB62026 (40minutes including manual handling of errors)

         Dump in Import phase 'AUTO_MOD_SPAU?: CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_TYPE

         - I just restarted the import.

         Than the import said that objects has been modified. In SPAU there was 2 objects:


         I decided to just continue.

     c) SAPKB62027 ? SAPKB62029 (25 minutes)

         Dump in Import phase 'XPRA_EXECUTION'

         With: Current program has been modified while running

         - I just restarted the import

     d) SAPKA62025 ? SAPKA62029 (20 minutes)

11. Generated all program with SGEN (25684 objects) ? after 11 % generation the system froze.

My guess was that the database was full, so I installed the SAP DB Database manager (1 minute !!!)

The version installed was 7.4 and the install documentation was for version 7.3 ? but that should not be a big problem.

I shot down the MiniWAS system and started the DBM. In the DBM I registered the instance and connected.

The DBM showed that the data volumes were used 99% so I add a 3. Data volume of 2.4 GB, restarted the MiniWAS system and restarted SGEN.

5 hours later the generation dumped with LOAD_VERSION_LOST. This was just a sign that the generation was finished.


1. First step was to make sure I had a working MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). As IIS is included in XP Prof. for free, I chose to use the SMTP server of the IIS. I test that the setup works by sending a mail from outlook express. IIS don?t contain a POP3 so it?s not possible to receive mails in this IIS ? Outlook Express setup.

2. In transaction SCOT I do:

     a) Setting->Default domain : Enter my domain name

     b) In the system status overview: Double click the SMTP node and enter the IP address in the

         Mail host and 25 in the Mail port. Then click on the Set button next to ?Internet? and enter

         an * in the Address area first line

    c) Test setup by creating a mail in SBWP

    d) Start the send process in transaction SCOT by Ctrl+F7 and choose Address Type INT.

    e) When the setup works goto View->and create a new job to automatic run the send process


Also read the section ?Quick Guide to SMTP Configuration? on, but please note that it is not necessary to change any profile parameters to send mails.

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Hello again

I just finished a few extra steps that enables receiving of emails into the WAS system:

1) The SMTP plugin is listning on port 8025 and I want to keep it that way (to avoid conflict with the IIS smtp server). But the incomming mails arrives on port 25. So, in my firewall I redirect traffic on port 25 to port 8025.

2) In SAP I created a RFC user (User type Communications)

3) In SICF I double-clicked the SAPconnect node - switched to change mode - selected the Service Date tab - and entered the client, user and password of the RFC user

4) After the change was saved I remembered to activate the SAPconnect service again.

Best Regards

Thomas Madsen Nielsen

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Thanks Thomas for sharing this.. and to put it in front....