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How I change default $top value in SAP CDS Service?

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Hi folks,

Anybody help me for this question "How I change the default $top value in SAP CDS Service?",

I developed a new sap cap application but I cannot change the default "$top" parameter value as shown below image;


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Even if I find the 30 data records a bit strange, the standard is 100. I have faced the same challenge in the past.


The model has a default size limit to avoid too much data being rendered on the UI. This size limit determines the number of entries used for the list bindings. The default size limit is 100 entries.

To change this behavior, you can either set a size limit in the model by using oModel.setSizeLimit or set thelength property of the oBindingInfoparameter of the sap.ui.base.ManagedObject#bindAggregationmethod.