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how i can hide the section of slice in donut chart

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Hi, could you help me to this... I have a donut chart, but when i select the slice on the title appear number of section("/6"),  how I can hide this?

the titles not contain this number of section

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Hi Antonio,

When using Lumira Desktop to create a Donut Chart and you highlight a slice in the Compose room, it will automatically show the title of the slice followed by a "/" and then the number of slices which made up the rest of the donut. So the value "6" represents the "other" slices.

You can remove this by going into the Visualization Properties in the Compose room on the right hand side, selecting "Slice" from the drop down menu and then removing the "Show Name" checkmark.

Use the Text import on the left hand side to layer your own title/messaging.



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i see the Examples of Lumira in "Design Contest Results"

in this donut chart hide the "values" on the title with "/"

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This is because this demo was made before the bug was introduced....

If you try to reproduce the same donut again, you will see that the /n is appended.

Besides I think that example is misleading in many ways, besides the fact you can not make the exact same visual in later versions, there is also this

Here the vector images has two or more colors, something you can not do with in Lumira, at least I have not figured it out. The workaround I know is to do this in you graphical tool like Adobe Illustrator, but that is not common for everyone.

So basically we are shown a lot of things you can do in Lumira, but just not out of the box.