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How high volume data is supported in PI 7?

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The high volume data/payload is very efficiently supported in PI7.1 with the advent of Advanced adapter engine1 but how is the same supported in PI7??

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The processing with huge amount of data with PI7.0

is possible with manipulating some of the parameters in communication channel or in SXMB_ADM or increasing JAVA stack etc.,

It all depends on the how many bytes does each record comprise of...

You can check sap notes for processing huge files.

some times you can increase the java heap size..

you can split the file if you feel it is required


As you had said about Advanced Adapter Engine to support huge data in PI 7.0

is not available. this feature is in PI7.1 only.

Please go through below link for more details,

SAP NW 7.0 Process Integration - Adapter Framework & Adapter Strategy

but you could achive this as per the below blog,

SAP XI acting as a (huge) file mover


the above weblog can help u in that..


check the config parameters there.

What you could do is, poll for the file, and in the adapter, you could split the file and send 500 records each at a time.

This would reduce the load considerably.

here are some good discussion about it,

Night Mare-Processing huge files in SAP XI




Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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the volume of data supported by PI 7 is depends upon many things:

1) Hardware and software supported in PI 7.0

2) Depends upon ur complexity of mapping.


just refer the below thread which will give u some idea.