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How does Sybase ASE pick cores during start up ?

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I am using ASE 15.7 Enterprise Edition with 2 instances as below,



The server is a 16 core Solaris server and in the configuration file of first instance the parameter "max online engines" is set as 4 and in the second it is set as 1.

I have a few questions regarding this,

1) How does ASE pick the 4/1 cores to use out of 16 ?

2) Is it true that the licence for Sybase ASE is core based if so will the licence agreement get impacted if i change the core value from 4 to other value ?

3) If the licence model is not based on cores is the licence model per instance ?

Thanks in advance,


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1) ASE does not pick any specific cores, unless you try to force that with dbcc tune(cpuaffinity).

preferably the O.S. should schedule processes/threads without user intervention

2/3) there are many types of licenses you can specify for ASE, check SYSAM properties / license files

ASE server properties files: $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/sysam/*.properties

variable LT indicates the license type (CP = license per core)