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how does sap system receive e-mail , the port:25 can not used to run smtp

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how does sap system receive e-mail? It seems that sap system can not use port:25 to run smtp server.

I add a parameter in profile:

icm/server_port_1 PROT=SMTP,PORT=25001,TIMEOUT=180

then I send a mail to sap system , but all the mails only know the port:25 , how can my e-mail know that sap system uses port:25001 to receive e-mail.


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Answers (3)

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Hi Victor

There are two things involved here

1) Sending of emails through SMTP ( SAPConnect), which SAP pushes through port 25 (Most of the times )and is sent to the respective mail server ( LN , Exchange,etc)

2) Incoming mails are pushed by you Mail server ( LN, Exchange,etc) to the SAP system, eg, on port 25001.

For the mail server to recognize that SAP will listen to only port 25001 for incoming mails , you have to make that particular configuration on the mail server too. Like, you will be maintaining the hostname and other connection details.

You can even configure the system in such a way that only one port is used for both purposes.



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SAP systems can perfectly receive mails on SMTP port 25.

My CRM run this way perfectly !



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This will depend on what the upstream email server is capable of. Some email programs (such as PostFix) can route SMTP messages to a port other than 25.

J. Haynes