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How does Max function works?

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How do Max function work with strings? I can´t understand it.

We have the following strings but I don't understand why Webintelligence keeps marking 1:58 as the max string? If clearly 13: is the max string

Isn´t 3 > :


how does max fucntion evaluate special characters versus numbers? which one is bigger? In the first section you can see that 1: > 1:

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Found one SAP KBA explaining sort algorithm used in WebI.

According to SAP Note 1297677 :

Business Objects uses the ISO/IEC 14651 standard to sort data. This ISO/IEC Standard is aligned with the Unicode Collation Algorithm (UCA) specified in Unicode Technical Standard #10. Special characters and spaces in front of or in the middle of other characters will be disregarded, and the data will be sorted alphanumerically.

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Thanks Arijit. It explains it all.