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How does License management for SAP Central Scheduling by Redwood work?

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I am new to SAP, and am installing the SAP NetWeaver product, SAP Central Scheduling by Redwood. My support contract is though SAP, so I am not supposed to contact Redwood directly. So exactly (please tell me how to get there too) how do I add and return licenses. I can get the register.txt file to create, but do not know what to do with it once I get that far, as it only gives the instructions that include things that involve contacting Redwood directly.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Good afternoon, Steven - We purchased a license for Redwood, but I believe the process for registering should be the same or similar for the OEM version as well.

During the installation, we were first prompted to enter a Contract number (this may only occur in the full version as opposed to the OEM version). We had to open a message under the component XX-PART-REDWOOD. Once we received the Contract number, we could then proceed through the installation to the point where you are ready to license the system. As you mentioned, a register.txt file is generated. You then open a message under the component XX-PART-REDWOOD, indicate that you are requesting a license key for SAP CJS by Redwood, and attach the register.txt file. SAP will respond with a license.txt file, which you will transfer to the server, where you can place it in any directory. Then, for a Unix system (I am not sure how this process would differ on Windows), perform the following commands:

cd /opt/redwood/server/602/install

(assuming you accepted the default location for the install)

./setup license

This will restart the setup process at the phase where it will ask you for the location of the license.txt file. Specify the directory and the setup program will read the license file and determine how many Process Servers, Schedulers, etc. you are licensed for and complete the setup.

I hope that helps!


Blair Towe

Once you have your register.txt file, you need to open a message under the component XX-PART-REDWOOD and indicate that you need a license key. I am not sure if the OEM version asks you for a contract number or not (the full version does), but we had to request that through the same process as well

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