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How does CIG get to know to which Ariba project message will go

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Hi All,

Suppose we have two projects in CIG one for sourcing and one for Network Product type. When outbound call is initiated from SAP to CIG(webservice), it just has standard URL to connect to CIG.

How will CIG identify to which ariba product this message should go?



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Hi Mayank,

As per my understanding, an integration project (CIG) is always related to a specific Ariba's product (Procurement, Network, Sourcing) and bound to two connections (TEST and PROD) which are linked with your backend system (System ID). You can see the system's list from CIG > User Profil > Basic Data

Therefore, when SAP is sending a request to Ariba through CIG it includes the system id in the message and the transaction type (for instance : PurchaseOrderAsyncImportPullRequest). This way, CIG is able to identify the integration project.

I hope this help.