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How does a Restricted Keyfigure fetch data from the Cube

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Can someone tell me how does a restricted keyfigure work to get data from a cube

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welcome to SDN!

restricted key figures gets fetch from the cube with relations to the variable or value you have choosen in the restriction. For example: if you have a column of Quantity with specific costelement and controlling area, when you execute the query the system sends the request for quantity for those costelement and controlling area.

Hope it helps.



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This is really a two step process -

BW generates a SQL query against the DB. It contains the restrictions in the SQL that is generated. If multiple RKF are in the query, the different restrictions are strung together with 'OR's.

The data retrieved from the database is then transferred to the OLAP processor and it takes care of the calculations of all KFs inthe cube.


RKF1 = 0AMOUNT where 0BUS_AREA = 1.

RKF2 = 0AMOUNT where 0BUS_AREA = 2.

will genernate a SQL query something like

Select 0AMOUNT where 0BUS_AREA =1 or 0BUS_AREA =2.

This retrieves all rows that contain the relevant data and then transfers it to the OLAP processor. The OLAP processor performs the calculations of RKF1 and RKF2 from that data.

If you review some SQL stmts from your ODS queries via ST04 or RSRT you'll see this in action.