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How do you filter out unwanted VBELN values using RFC

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I'm using Excel VBA in combination with RFC to pull the VBPA table. I'm only interested in pulling all VBELN values less than 300000. How do I structure the Tables("OPTIONS") statement so that I pull only this range of data?

For example...

MyFunc.Tables("OPTIONS")(1, "TEXT") = "VBELN < '300000' "

...doesn't work. I tried other implementations of this and could not get anything to work. There may be a way to set the "LOW" and "HIGH" parameters, but I can't figure out how to structure the code.

Note that I have other Tables.("OPTIONS") statements in this routine that work properly. For example...

MyFunc.Tables("OPTIONS")(1, "TEXT") = "PARVW IN ('WE', 'AG', 'ZE', 'AP')"

...correctly pulls the partner functions that I want to see from VBPA. Now I just need to limit these results to VBELNs less than 300000.

Thanks in advance!

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