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How do we use SSO for both Windows AD and Trusted authentication?

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We want to have the majority of our users access the BO 4 BI Launchpad using SSO with Windows AD authentication. We have set this up and it's working ok. We also have a subset of external users and need to configure SSO with Trusted authentication for their Enterprise accounts. Support says we can only have SSO for one authentication type. I'm assuming we can work around this by installing a 2nd Tomcat instance on our Linux server. Has anyone done this type of config successfully? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Answers (2)

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I can think of two possible solutions to your deployment:

1. As you mention, you can workaround the problem deploying another BI launchpad where you have Trusted Authentication.

2. You can user logon token for the non-AD users. More information in this KBA: 1601486.



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Hi Collins,

BOE's CMS can be accessed from multiple application servers.

Please have a look on this new article [here|] .

You may use this method for other application servers(not only NW) but just dont add the file "web-j2ee-engine.xml" as its not needed.

regarding sections 4.2.4 on the document, On one application server just set "authentication.default" property under the file, to "secWinAD"(for win AD). and on the other set it to "secEnterprise".

please report any problems you may encounter,