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How do we manage to create a backup of users and usergroups in businessobjects

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Hi Everyone,

I am working to create a backup script to take the backup entire platform content using lcm_cli utility client. As part of this am jotting the queries for each of the content (folders,universe,connection,users and usergroups) and run separate scripts for each of the content so that the script doesn't fail.

I have tested the below queries for folder/universe/connection

for public folders:

select * from ci_infoobjects where si_ancestor=23

for universe:

select * from ci_appobjects where si_ancestor=532

for connection:

select * from ci_appobjects where si_ancestor=548

for users and user groups..

select * from ci_systemobjects where si_parented=20  (this only gives the backup of usergroup details). If I delete this group and try importing this back, this doesn't get back the users.   Concern 1.

for users:

select * from ci_systemobjects where si_kind='user'...this only back'sup user content but  the relationship between user and usergroups wont be backedup.

This script am planning to take as daily backup content script for production.

I would like to know which query would help us backup a group with user info... if the group gets deleted...importing the script should bring backup group info along with the users .   Plz help in this regard.



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   You can logon to CMC and use Promotion Manager to select the Users & Groups you wish to back-up to CMS &/or to local drive on BI Platform server.  Once you have created the Promotion Manager job then you can use Instance Manager to schedule it as needed.