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how do u call a RFC from a webdyn pro

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waiting for the reply

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Hai liza,

refer this links,

<a href="">call a RFC from a webdyn pro</a>

hope it'll help.



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Please check this link

<a href="">Link</a>

then go to "Creating a Web Dynpro Application Accessing ABAP Functions ",

please read the document careful .

And the step "Creating a Model " is the answser of how to call a RFC, it is a step by step solution.


Jianguo Chen

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Hi Liza,

follow these steps:

1.Create a new WD Project.

2. Right click on models and select create model.

3. Select import Adaptive RFC Model.

3. Give any name and package to your model.

select WD_MODELDATA_DEST/or if you have defined any other name for

your JCo destination for default logical system name for model instances.

select WD_RFC_METADATA_DEST /or if you have defined any other

name for your JCo destination for default logical system name for RFC


4. Select single server/Load Balancing as per your system.

Give name, system number, client, logon name, password and language of

your R/3 system.

5. Search for the BAPI name and select the BAPI on search and click NEXT.

You have imported RFC Model by this time.

Now create a WD component and then you will find Used Models. Select the name of the model just created above.

6. Open Data Modeler(Right Click on your component name and select Open Data Modeler). Do mapping here from model to controller and from controller to view as per your requirement.

7. To execute BAPI create an element of the input node of your BAPI, set any parameters if required and bind it again to the input node.

say if name of your input node is input

IPrivate<viewname>.IinputElement element = wdContext.nodeInput().createInputElement();



8. Last step is to execute BAPI




//say name of your output node is output



Bind your output node the one that is found inside the input node to table or other UI element so that you can see the result of the BAPI after its execution.



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Dear Liza,

once you are done with function module at se37 in R/3.

u need to enable that FM as remote enabled ,u can find this in techincal settings.

now coming to webdynpro.

you just click on the model which is installed with webdynpro component.

righ click and import,follow wizard.

in the wizard select "adaptive RFC's model" and import the required RFC.

edit controller context and view context as you require.

Thanks & Regards,

Rama Krishna