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How do I send a Value Attribute to a field referencing a Model Attribute?

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Hi all!

In the tutorial "Creating Your First Web Dynpro Application" there's an example of how to send a Value Attribute from a inputfield in the "StartView" to another view (ResultView) containing a label with the Value Attribute HeaderText, in which the sent Value Attribute is to be stored and displayed.

I'm trying to do the same thing, with the difference that I want to send the Value Attribute to a inputfield containing a Model Attribute (supposed to hold a value from a BAPI).

Does anyone have an example/tutorial showing how this can be done? I'm not sure how I access and set the Model Attribute.



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From your problem, what i understood is that you want to send some values to BAPI from the the Window and get the output from BAPI usin the MODEL.

So, to assign the input values to BAPI, These are the steps to be done..

1) Create one input field in the View

2) In the property window for that input field, changethe "Value" propety to the Bapi_input field. ie.., Assign the value attribute to the "value" property of the input field. NOTE: THe value attribute that u are passing should have the same type as the BAPI Input field in the SAP.

I think, you can get some help about these things in the FLIGHT DETAILS demo program......

Hope it answers your question..


Take care,




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Hi Manjunatha and thanks for the reply.

I think I was a bit unclear about my problem (sorry about that).

Actually I just want to copy a value from one inputfield to another. In the first field, (with the value attribute) I manually enter a value, then I press a copy button and my value should be copied to a "target" inputfield (the Value property of this target field is already set to the corresponding Bapi). Later on I will pass that value into SAP, but right now I'm just interested in the copying part.

I guess I need to extract the value of the value attribute, put it in a String and thereafter look up the model element for the bapi and in some way assign that string to the the element?