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How do I PAY someone to help me get CR Server XI working on WINXP

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I have a working copy of Crystal Reports Server XI on an XP machine.

The hardware is old and I am trying to install it on a new windows XP machine.

After installation I can not log on to the Crystal Server I get the error Enterprise Authentication could not log you on

I am sure this is a permissions error.

On the last machine I paid for a "case" the the knowledgable tech talked me thought settings in no time.

Who can I pay and where do I call to get help to get it working on the new machine?

I will stop using it on old machie as soon as I getr the new machine operational?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Sorry to hear about your frustrations.

I'll go ahead and state the obvious by asking: Who is your SAP sales account executive from whom the license was sold? If yo have a valid license for your installation then you should be able to perform a "Create Message" in the SAP support portal. From there, someone will contact you and work you through the issue (at no cost, to boot).

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Yes I have a valid Crystal reports license for CR and CR Server XI.

In fact my key code which I can provide if it will help says it is non expiring.

I have no account manager to contact.

I bought the software from (I think) CDW  and they really only were an intermediary.

I work at a small company who SAP does not call on (and I understand we are to small to support an active sales person.)

I have used Crystal reports for a LONG time and all is well (except the XP machine it is currently on is long in tooth and I am trying to move to new hardware.) Lat time I paid $250 (I think) and it was going in about 1 HOiur), I just want to get that help again.

I expect to pay someone to talk me thought getting the permission on the server correct, but can find not one to call, give a credit card number to and get help.

I have talked to Ireland, Philippines and this forum but still have no phone number to call that will take money for support.

Thanks for at least answering, Is there a phone number I can call and pay for support for installation?

Thanks again

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just to clarify this. No BOBJ Server product is officially supported on Windows XP: I do believe that there may be a way to make this happen but this is not something SAP officially supports therefore you should not expect any help from SAP on this (paid or not).

BTW in addition to the fact that CR XI is not supported on Windows XP the officiall support for CR XI has expired, as far as I know.

I know that this may sound frustrating but you only hope to get support from SAP is to upgrade your license (eg. to CR 2008) and install the software on a Windows Server machine.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Well I now have CR XI and CR Server XI working on the new XP machine.

The developers edition is the perfect size for our company.

I am amazed at how good this software is and how hard it is to find people who will take money to support it.

I understand that SAP is focused on Fortune 500 companies, but there is a whole Eco-system of companies out here that do not have Million dollar IT budgets. Crystal Reports fills a real need, that we are ready to pay for but we can not pay like a Fortune 500 company.

Hope SAP finds a way to serve us and take our money, I would hate to have to depend on Microsoft for my reporting.

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OK here is the situation. I have used Crystal Enterprise Edition version 8 .

The version of Crystal Reports and Server Developers Edition XI does all I want.

As I understand the new licensing there is no equivalent to DEVELOPERS EDITION.

So is there anyone watching this thread that will help me to get my copy working on the new hardware?

I am sure it is permissions. as I have been using Crystal R and S since 2005 on a WinXP machine.

Note if someone knows of a way to get 5 simultaneous users access to web based Crystal Reports under the current licensing for a small company please advise, other wise I hope someone will send me where I can call and pay them to help me get this running. (I willing to pay by check or credit card.)

I expect this project will take about 1 or 2 hours and I expect to pay for someones expertise.

I just want to get the first report on to the new machine and call it with a url like I did on the current machine