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How do i pass parameters to a web dynpro application ?

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Hi all,

how do i best possible pass (serverspecific) parameters to a web dynpro application ?

i wrote a web dynpro application that, among other things, sends an email and stores files on a server directory. Therefor i need parameters like e.g. "mailhost" or "directory".

The way i chose is to make a *.properties file. But from my point of view there are some disadvantages.

1) When i deploy the WD App to a new server, i have to edit the properties file before. I don't know how to do that. Do i have to edit the *.properties file again, before i make a new ear-Archive with NWDS ?

2) When the properties a wrong or change for a deployed app, i have to restart the J2EE Engine. Thats not convenient for a production server.

Is there a better way ?



(And I promise to return and reward the answers)

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Hi Andreas,

You can't use something like portalapp.xml because this is not supported by webdynpro, but ... you can add this parameters at the end off the webdynpro address line. like http://<host>:<port>/webdynpro/dispatcher/local/<Webdynproproject>/<webdynproApplication>?host=yourh...

In your application you can get these variables:

String host = WDWebContextAdapter.getWebContextAdapter().getRequestParameter("host");

when you create a webdynpro iview you can specify the default value for the variables in the URL in the properties of the iview and i think you can personalize them later.

kind regards,


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Hello Joachim, thank you, a helpful answer.

I knew this point related to passing the parameter for the JCO-Connection to be used by the WD app (e.g. when to change the JCO-Connection from test to prod sap server).

I think i will change my app to that way of passing parameters (although it is not that elegant as a *.properties file).

kind regards