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How do i integrate MSS or ESS into SAP Steamwork tool

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I have gone thru the SAP stream work tool , it looks good and nice to use, but i have one question one of my client is using Self service application like Employee Self Service ESSand Manager Self Service MSS , and in one of your demo show it takes to Team member screen, General Information iView,Personal Information screen(iView) what i see in Manager Self service and use collaboration service , so my question is How do i integrate MSS or ESS into SAP Steamwork tool and showcase this to client and try to see to use MSS thru Streamwork , could you please throw some lights how i can showcase this.

Please help me on this regard.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vijai

In the demos you saw StreamWork was integrated using the StreamWork Integration API. The Integration API is a REST web service that allows you to push data into and get data out of StreamWork. This API allows you to take content from your current application context like ESS or MSS and push that into StreamWork to start work on the subject at hand. With the API you can also invite and accept invitations to the activity.

So hears a typical use case for a StreamWork integration.

1. From the source application (ESS) you come to a point where you need to colaborate with others on a task or decision.

2. You add a button to the source application that says "Collaborate".

3. When the button is clicked it makes a series of API calls that do the following:

--> Create a new activity and set the title and description

--> Push content from the source application into StreamWork

--> Add decision tools like the Pro/Con table

--> Invite participants who may be interested in collaborating on the work.

4. Once the activity is created you can monitor the activity via API calls to see what people are doing and see updates on the work.

You can find the API documentation here:

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