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How do i grant select access to SYS schema for Database Analysis User in Datasphere

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Hi All,

I have created a Database Analysis user and able to login to HANA DB using database explorer. I am getting an error Insufficient authorization while trying to query select * from "SYS"."CS_VIEW_ATTRIBUTES_".

I could see that SELECT privilige is missing for user but who would be able to grant privilige to the user?

Is it system user, if yes do we have a system user for Datasphere HANA DB as we create DB users at space / system level ? Please suggest




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I assume you created a DB User for a Space.
However if you want to see/use the Views of the SYS Schema you have to create a DSP DB User.
System -> Configuration -> Database Access


This User can now have a look in the SAP HANA Cockpit (Overview whats going in the System) and Open Database Explorer. 
However if you require the Permission on the Space User because you have some Logic during a Dataload and what to check a System Table you can try to GRANT the Permission with the System DB User to the Space DB User. However I don't know if, but maybe the System DB User can also Grant the Permission to a Space User.
(at least I don't see an Option to provide the System DB User with a GRANT Option like it is possible with the Space Users)

Hope this Helps 🙂 

I tried it myself with a System Analysis User on our Tenant.
I can't select the mentioned VIEW of yours, however all other "SYS" Views.
I than checked the SYS.VIEWS and there your mentioned View is not listed!
I than checked the SAP HANA PLATTFORM HELP and there your mentioned View is also not listed!

Where did you get that Viewname from and are you sure it's existing?