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How do I calculate Year to Date for Last year in SAP Analytics cloud with Bex Query as Data source?

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Hello Guys,

Can someone help me on below scenario?

I am using Bex Query as a source.

We have Data for 2 years lets say 2017, 2018.

Current Year YTD will show data from Jan-Apr( Till Date) for current Year.

Last year YTD will Show data from Jan- Apr (Till date) for the Last Year.

In SAP Analytics cloud, for Current year YTD, we can use a dynamic filter option but there is no option like current year -1 to get YTD data for last year.

Thanks in Advance!



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Rakesh,

Is this a live or acquired data model?
If its acquired, you can use the cross calculations dimension to enable the YTD, QTD, MTD Member Functions.

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Hello Rakesh - I would look at doing these types of calculations back in the BEx query first; performance will be faster that way

See and

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Thanks a lot Tammy Powlas.

We are also following the same approach and trying to create YTD and MTD on the backend.