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How delta works for write optimized DSO?

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Dear experts,

I have a data flow which is from a standard DSO A to a write optimized DSO B, and I set write optimized DSO B's DTP as delta.

1. During the delta loading, DSO B will read from A's change log table, correct?

2. Because write optimized DSO only has one active table, and each entry is unique, if I keep feeding this DSO B to other DSO's, let's say DSO C, how can DSO C determine which entry is the most recent one?

For example, in DSO B I have below 2 entries with same semantic key but different tecnical key:


DTPR_1         0001                1                 001

DTPR_2         0001                1                 001

While loading from DSO B to DSO C, will DSO C read both entries or only the entry in the most recent request?

If I write a abap program to read DSO B's active table, what will happen? both entries will be fetched or only the most recent one?

3. If I set a filter in DSO B's delta DTP, this filter will act on the change log during the loading, correct?

For example, if I set filter: ORDER NUMBER = 001 in the delta DTP, then during the delta loading DSO B will only read DSO A's change log table whose ORDER NUMBER = 001. Correct?

Those are all the questions I come up so far, any post will be appreciated, and thank you all for your time in advance!

Best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tim,

1. Delta load from Changelog table only as u said.

2. write optimized dso having only one table(active) and its maintains data as request by request.There is  no summarisation and Activaion for the requests.

  And data will be available to further updates by request by request(Request Delta) as it maintains request wise data.This  Request delta is again based on DTP delta type witch you maintained in the DTP.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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No   Note: Sap recommends to load data from write optimized dso to standard dso but not from standard to write optimised.

As    As you said, while loading delta, Change log table data will be loaded.



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Hi Tim,

1. Change log table is correct

2. The recent data can be identified by highest request ID.

If your ABAP program is to read data from DSO B, it'll fetch both the data.

3. Filter will work only on change log table.



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