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How Delta works for 0CO_OM_CCA_9 extractor and other points

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Hello Experts,

I would like to know how delta works for  0CO_OM_CCA_9  extractor? As per Table ROOSOURCE , its shows Delta as 'ADD' means Additive delta which what i understand is if Old record has key figure as 1000 and changed value is 1500 then delta will bring +500 in the PSA.

if my understanding is correct then how we can design the data flow in BW?

Question 1: If requirement is to have a custom DSO and then to cube, do we have to make all the key figures as 'Summation' in the DSO?  Please suggest the Design flow in BW with DSO as a requirement.

Question 2: I checked in table COEP, there are millions of records , we are bringing CCA_9 for the first time? what should be the ideal approach to load in BW for the first time and then how should be initialize Delta?

Question 3: COEP has many 88 fields, and Extractor has far less fields, if requirement is to have all the 88 fields in the extractor then how we can enhance standard Extractor 0CO_OM_CCA_9 for extra fields from COEP?

Kindly share your thoughts.

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Hi Mayank,

CCA_9 datasource brings data of costs incurred on cost center.

CCA_9 Datasource works with delta process ADD - Additive delta process

ADD works as follows

once a new entry is posted or an existing posting is changes at ECC side, an additive images shows the difference between the numeric values.

Please refer to below example.

Intial load to a target DSO

recordcost elementrecordmodeamountcurrency
1400035N(New Entry)4500USD

cost element 400035 value is changed to 5000 from 4500 in ECC then the datasource sends one entry to BI for the cost element with the value 500 nothing but difference between the new value and the orginial value. then it will look as below.

recordcost elementrecordmodeamountcurrency

finally up on activation of DSO entry will be shown as below.

cost elementrecordmodeamountcurrency
400035 5000USD

in my project i am directly updating  to Infocube there is no DSO in between. Delta is working fine.

Note: CCA_9 has safety time interval is 2hours if there is any changed record it will take 2 hours time to update in the Extractor for delta update. if you do a full upload record will be picked immediately.