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How could I transfer Z table data form one SAP server to another SAP Server ?

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The customer has 2 SAP Systems. The first one (SERVER A) has a z_table , and the second one (SERVER B) I couldn't see it in TCODE SE11. This Server is installed SOLMAN and I created the z_table manually using SE11. Aditionally, I know there is a comunication beetween these SAP Systems because all the issues in SERVER A are transfers from this server to SERVER_B using the HELP-> Create Support Message option. When the data is transfered, I get some data to save in the z_table in SERVER A

THE AIM: I need to update the content of z_table saved in the SERVER_A to z_table in the SERVER_B automatically.

I'll appreciate any comment.

(Transport routes in each system: sap-servers.png )

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Hi Jose,

Let me try to answer the question "Why data is sent from ERP to Solman system?".

Basically Solman is the system which monitors all the SAP System regarding the performance, health checkup, Memory and all other checks and sends the report as Early Watch Alerts to the Managers and User. So the data will be sent from all the SAP system to Solman system.

If you want to have the custom Tables and Reports which is available in ERP to solman, then add those changes into TR and release that TR and ask your Basis team to import it into Solman system.

Hope this answer is helpful for you.