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how change http port in portal 7.3??

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hello everybody!

we implemented a netweaver portal 7.3

we are ready to publish in internet but we cannot fund where change the http port.

so our address change from http://portaladdress:<port>/irj to http://webportal/irj

we found this link:

they talk about ICM configuration. (and change: icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP, PORT=80)

But where we can find ICM configuration?

we don't have ABAP stack here!!! Only java!

we seach everywhere in documentation and in http://portaladdress:<port>/nwa but we don't find.

any suggestion??

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You will find the icm/server_port_0 parameter in the profile file (pfl extension) of the ICM

The Netweaver 7.3 java stack uses now the ICM from the abap stack instead of the previous dispatcher server.

PS : When SAP wants to get performance and reliability from Java, they have to use the ABAP Kernel executables....

By the way, if you want to publish your EP 7.3 on the internet it would much safer to install a reverse proxy (like SAP Web Dispatcher in a DMZ). Then you could keep the EP standard ports and webportal would be the internet DNS alias of the reverse proxy.



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Thanks Olivier!

so is better i use a Reverse Proxy.

Sometimes with old installation we directly changed port.

Thanks again!

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It depends from your own company security policy but it is really a best practice to never publish a back office server directly on the internet.

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