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How can we replicate trigger SAC Planning Data to Datasphere upon user request?


Hi, we are working on a case. In this case, we update a field in a report according to the values entered by the user in the planning table.

To do this, the user first determines how to sort the planning table on the SAC, enters values accordingly and publishes the data. Then, we manually replicate this published data to a Remote Table in the Datasphere. We add the relevant field in this Remote Table to the query of the report. In this way, the fields in the report are sorted according to the order entered by the user.

But we need to do something like this. When the user makes changes to the planning table, we need to manually replicate the Remote Table in the Datasphere for these changes to be implemented. (An hourly schedule can be set, but we do not want this.) Instead, we want the user to press a button after making changes to the planning table and this flow from SAC to Datasphere will be triggered and the data will be processed.

Thanks for your help

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I would refer to statements made in the comments of post below to find answers:

KR Simon