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How can we do the setup for 2LIS_02_ACC data source in ECC.

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Hi  All,

Can you please share your  experience on the setup of 2LIS_02_ACC data source  in ECC.Here I got some details for BC content as follows


  1. Customer-Defined  Data Source® Logistics ® Management of Extract Structures ® Initialization® Fill Recompiled
    ® Application-Specific Recompilation ® Purchasing – Carry Out Recompilation.


Here what is the recompiled table?  And  also is setup differs from other purchase data source 2lis_02_ITM/SCL ?


And is there any other settings are required  for this ACC data source setup?

Please share your  valuable ideas on this.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Naresh,

You can also use transaction: oli02bw to fill setup table.

As you also asked for setting for perchasing data source also.

You need to maintain following settings before filling set up table.

1. You need to maintain the industry sector setting to Standard.

2. In Tcode: BF11 you need to check mark BW and save.

After this you can fill the setup table.



Active Contributor
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Hi Naresh,

These are lo data sources. just follow as you followed for LO data sources.

First delete  setup tables and refill .

you need delete setup tables using T code LBWG.

Refill setup tables by using T-code OLI3BW

once you filled setup tabls, you can check table SE11 - MC02M_0ACCSETUP(record count only) or you can check at RSA3.

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Hi Naresh,

              If any Data source is part of LO then we don't need any separate settings.

If settings are are there then those will be relavent for entire Application like for whole 02 or 03 or 11.

For individual data sources of LO does not have any separate settings.

If Procedure of dealing with single data source is different then it will not be included in to application. like 2lis_02_SRV data source of 02 application but not part of LO.

and if we take IM(inventory management) we has to maintain settings and these settings are for whole application 03(IM)

So no need to maintain separate settings.


Satish Reddy

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Hi Naresh,

recompiled table means setup tables i guess. I dont think we required seperate steps or setting to be follow.

We need to follow the same setup like other LOExtractor