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How can SAP Process Automation meet SAP Mobile Start?


Dear Community,

the "The Power of American Natives" is a quite old song with a dynamic beat. While listening you feel to be enforced and motivated to do something. Great, lets do it, yes you can.

Let me explain what my intention is:
One of my workflow contains an automation which uses one of these SDK's (Outlook, Excel, Word). When I run the workflow with my local computer (laptop) everything works like expected. For instance an E-mail is send, an Calendar Entry is created or even a Word Document is updated, etc.

Now I did the same within SAP Mobile Start. Well, nothing happened.
Of course, my local agent is offline, my computer is shutdown.
Personal Disappointment.

At this point I came to the decision to ask you: How can I provide a modern mobile infrastructure for home office usage or with tablet or smart phone somewhere in a train? - I don't want to drive into town, go in my office, start my computer just to run all my stored automation in my client.

Furthermore I need some help because I will expect a very traditional communication about security, protocols, client software, user rights, etc. - Finally I ask me: Is SAP Process Automation ready for Mobile Usage?


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Hi Nico,

can you describe in more detail when your workflow works and how it is implemented? Maybe a drawing using or could help.

Best Regards

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Hello Gegor,

at the moment I can only provide an example for SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent Robotics.
But the business process model and automation behavior is exactly the same.

  • Start Workflow
  • Run Normal Workflow Steps (Rework Task, etc.)
  • Get Workflow Data from Backend via SAP Integration Suite (planned via Automation)
  • Notify Particient in Launchpad via SAP Integration Suite (planned via Automation)
  • Run Workflow Steps with Microsoft Automation to create a WORD Office Letter
    Create a Word Document based on Payload Information
    ... Replace Words, Create a PDF File.
    In BPM I used API_Trigger to start SPA or IPRA Automation.
  • Send a Mail to Requester or Particient via Mail Destination

When I run this workflow within SAP Mobile Start -> All steps except of with MS Automation Steps provide an immediately result. All Automation jobs are only executes wehen I start my laptop where the agent is running and Microsoft Products are installed.

Does this explanation fulfill your expectations?






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Hello Gregor,

a drawing just for you.


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Hi Nico,

The Desktop agent can be installed on a virtual machine / server as an alternative. This way it's always up & running to execute any automations that should be happening in the background.

If you do launch an automation from your mobile, the desktop agent on a server can pick it up and process the automation.



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Hello Jana,

thanks for your thinking and answer.
I asked for a VDM in my IT-Department. Ongoing.

But let me describe my issue differently. Especially SDK Outlook makes me headache. -> Reading E-Mails from my account, reply via my account or creating an appointment in my calendar via IPRA / SPA works only with desktop agent on my laptop. Last opportunity seems to be to use an Microsoft Open Connector in CPI.

If I mention this topic to an administrator I'll start a conversation about security, ...


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Another approach you could take is to rebuild your current process in a no/low code platform that has mobile built in by default like Pillir or Appgyver . Your existing logic can be rebuilt quickly using visual models then deployed to the web and to a native mobile app. From your description It sounds like you may need to combine an RPA tool and a low-code platform but that can be easily achieve with most low-code platforms.