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How can SAP DP Agent be installed on IBM AIX server?



We have SAP ECC installed on IBM AIX server and want to use SAP DP Agent to federate / replicate it's data on SAP HANA Cloud DB on BTP. Based on the supported platforms provided in the standard documentation, I can see that DP Agent is supported on Windows and Linux (RHEL and SLES) systems only.

Is it possible to install the DP Agent on IBM AIX?

Or if it is not possible, are there any alternatives to do this (federation / replication of data from SAP ECC into HANA Cloud DB)?

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Hi all,

as mentioned by Bob, SAP DP Agent is not supported on AIX.

To do federation /replication of data from SAP ECC into HANA you should setup a secondary connection to the DB

(in your case HANA). Then you can retrieve data from your SAP ECC system and federate/replicate these data into

your HANA DB.