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How can one retain column headers (in Infoview) when users scroll down the page/screen

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Can you suggest how to design a report so that column header info can still be seen when users scroll to the bottom of a page (in Infoview)?

Users need to see which columns values at the bottom of the page fall under.

Is there a web element that can do this?

thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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having a floating div section is an excellent suggestion! i will see what we can do for the next version.

for now...

with webelements you could potentially do this to have a pinned column header section...

1) in a brand new "main" report recreate your report header sections and then your page header section with the column headers

2) save your existing "data" report to back it up and then in the new back-up delete the report header sections & the page header section

3) in this new data report create a webelements formula to hide the toolbar

4) save this new report to your enterprise environment

5) in the main report created in step 1), create a formula that has an iframe object that calls the data report and put this formula in a page header b section

NOTE: as you are using pass-through html and webelements you can limit yourself when it comes to printing or exporting. my suggestion for anyone that wishes to export or to print is to have 2 versions of each for interaction / web functionality and one for print & export. the one for print & export you already have. once you design your new interactive report, have a url on the new web based one "Printer Friendly Version" that opens up the old one...this is the same sort of set up that most web apps use anyway so it's not a huge stretch.

i hope that this helps,


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