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How can i set the input values in Workflow in Desktop Studio. Can't set values in Fiori App.

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I'm making an workflow by capturing screen from Fiori launch Pad. In the workflow(edit page), after entering to the page of App there will be input fields like Material, Plant etc., i am giving the values to input fields. I am facing the below issues.

1.)I tried the set() method but after running the program, its just printing the values in input fields & after pressing the ENTER , it is not searching according to the given values. It is reading blank

2.) I also tried keystroke, after running the program the value is entering correctly as if we are entering it but problem is for all different control or item(Material, Plant etc.,) we defined in that page for input fields in which we have to enter the values, all values are entered in same input fields like all values respectively to Material, Plant, Organization, Item. All values is entering in Material Fields

How can i set the input values in Workflow in Desktop Studio.

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i have done this when i installed the Desktop Studio. I have checked it once again.

Everything is good in Configured the Browser.

Still i'm not able to set values in Fiori App

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Hi Lohith,

Have you configured your browser for SAP IRPA, if not follow these steps

Hope that helps.