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How can I replace shortcuts with replicas?

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I have two related PowerDesigner physical data models, Base and Views.  Base has all the base tables and views for an Oracle schema in it.  I am creating a smaller model, Views, by replicating objects from Base to Views.  I accidentally replicated in some database views without first replicating in the underlying base tables.  This has resulted in some tables being represented by shortcuts in the Views model. How can I replace shortcuts with replicas in the target Views model?

Using PowerDesigner 16.1 EBF9 on Windows 7.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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From the Help of 16.1:


Note: You cannot transform a

shortcut into a replica, or vice versa. When choosing to create a shortcut or

replica, you should identify how you want to use it. For example, if you want to

reuse an existing table in your PDM, you should create a:

  • Shortcut - If you do not require the table to belong to your domain or
    namespace, and you just want to reference it without modifying its structure
    (adding, removing or otherwise changing columns or other sub-objects).
  • Replica - If you need a synchronized copy of the table in your namespace, or
    you want to modify its structure.


But You can:

iterate thru all shortcuts,

          identify the parent object

          create a replica if not existing

          replacing it with a replica you create

by vbs

to create a replica by code:

  dim theReplica : set theReplica = theTable.CreateReplica(model)

  theReplica.setnameandcode DokumentAlias, DokumentAlias


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