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How can I read the data in different Deployment Unit、

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Hi experts,

In Bydesign system, the Deployment Unit of Solution A is CUSTOMER_INVOICING, and the Deployment Unit of Solution B is FINANCIALS.
I created custom business object bo_A in Solution A, and created custom business object bo_B in Solution B.
Now I am in Solution B, and I want to read the data from bo_A using ABSL, not write, how can do it?

Best Regards,


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the InternalCommunication can't do it.

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Hi Benny,

had you already inverted much time in developing the solutions separated from each other so that an merging is not longer an good option?

If this is the case I think the best what you can do is to create an web service for bo_A and use a web service integration in solution B to read the data from an other solution.

Best regards