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How can i deploy custom ui5 application on SAP HANA Cloud Portal

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Hi ,

I have the trial ac on SAP HANA Cloud Portal. Seems I have deployed my application on the portal I can run and test the same on the given url.

Now I want to create a widget out of this application.

In order to do so when I log on to the trial ac , how can I search for this deployed application on the HANA Cloud Portal.

Once I am able to search the same , then how will I create a widget out of it.

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Please load the external plugin under Tools>external plugin

sap.hcp.widget.plugin and refresh you browser. After that you are able to create a opensocial widget out of sapui5 application.

SAP HANA Cloud Portal Documentation

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the deployed sapui5 application can be found under you account under html5 Applications